GPS Ping Pong By WallyGPX

virtual geoglyph ping pong art

WallyGPX‘s tribute to table tennis was a one hour and forty-four minute cycling adventure through the streets of Baltimore. He achieved a maximum speed of 17.9mph, but as he often shares, most of the ride was pedaled at a pace which allowed him to focus on positioning and location over velocity. “GPS Ping Pong” was…

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3 Amazing Futuristic Ping Pong Tables

interactive ping pong table David Rinman Beat Match

Uberpong are advocates of design, creativity and technology being used to enhance the awesome game of ping pong. We continually have our fingers on the pulse of table tennis and every time we see something remarkable that aligns with our mission, we tell you about it. Having followed companies like The Macula who create interactive…

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Supersonic Ping Pong Ball Gun

ping pong paddle hole experiment

Having already seen a terrifying ping pong gun, an elephant scaring weapon and a professor getting shot by a ping pong cannon, we now bring you the supersonic ping pong ball gun. Purdue University Professor Mark French has created a cannon that can accelerate a ping pong ball to 900 miles per hour, or just over Mach 1.2….

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