The Five Best Ping Pong Table Games

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While the pros know there are many variations of ping pong, beginners may have no idea there is an entire world of different ping pong games.

Whether serious players are coming together to play with a different flavor, or you have several friends slugging back beers at home or at a bar, these variations are sure to bring excitement, drama, and victory dances all around!

Which ones have you tried? Which are your favorite variations? Comment below!

1.   Round the World

Round the World works almost exactly the same as the basketball game by the same name. One person serves the ball and the other one hits it back. Then, they switch sides repeatedly until one person is disqualified for missing the serve.

This game is great with lots of people. As one person gets knocked out, another one takes their place. This can make for some serious table drama that is both thrilling and fun!

2.   Backwards Ping Pong

This interesting variation is hard to master, but really works the table geometry muscles!

In Backwards Ping Pong, you actually hit the ball before it lands on your side, directed toward your opponent’s side. The goal is to have the highest point of the ball’s flight be over your opponent’s side. Points are scored if your opponent misses, or the ball doesn’t make it to your side of the table.

3.   “The Ceiling’s The Limit”

“The Ceiling’s The Limit” brings a whole new dimension to ping pong that is at once breathtaking and anxiety-inducing. All in all, a great addition to any ping pong game.

For this variation, you must hit the ball to the ceiling after it touches on your side. This hit to the ceiling must ultimately land on your opponent’s side—if you miss, or if it doesn’t make it to your opponent’s side, they score a goal.

4.   Berlin-Style Ping Pong

Berlin-style Ping Pong is currently sweeping bars and ping pong halls across the country. For a big group of friends or strangers, this is perhaps the best variation for wild nights out.

Up to 30 people surround the table, all armed with paddles. The two that are at either end of the table serve, and between each hit the circle of people moves to allow two new people to hit to each other. Each time someone misses they are disqualified from the game. After a long round of disqualifications, the two remaining players battle it out in a contest of epic proportions.

5.   Pingpongo     

Pingpongo is a variation of ping pong that’s grown increasingly popular in South America. Essentially, it’s ping pong with either material or immaterial obstacles.

The idea of the game is that you must avoid the obstacles to continue play. If you hit one of the obstacles—which includes the net, objects, and even just shapes drawn on the table—the opposing player gets the point.

The best part about this variation is that there are no limits to the types and amounts of obstacles that can be placed on the table, so no two games have to be alike at all. It’s like a brand new game each time you play!


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