Timo Boll Meets His Biggest Rival And Falls In Love

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Timo Boll is a legend in table tennis circles around the world. He’s the best German table tennis player alive and the 8th ranked overall player worldwide. Though, along with all the glory, fame and notoriety he has achieved throughout his career, comes an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Timo Boll often wonders, “Is there anyone out there as good as me?” “Am I my own best match?”

After struggling with these feelings and thoughts for quite some time and constant prodding phone calls from his mother, Boll decided to join an online dating site. After a few weeks on the site and no success, Boll logged in late one evening to cancel his membership. That’s when he saw…KUKA. “KUKA. What a gorgeous name..and LOOK at those curves,” he thought.

Timo Boll vs KUKA

As he dove deeper into her profile, he realized they were more alike than anyone he’d ever met in person – rocket ping pong arm, extreme cat-like reflexes, unwavering focus, and the nimblest agility – it was all there. He sent her a message that night and tossed and turned until morning. He received a note back from her the next day and the rest is history. They’ve been hot and heavy for 6 months now and being the competitors they naturally are, have decided to face off against one another over the ping pong table. They each insist that it will not affect the relationship because their significant other is a “good loser”.

They’ve chosen Shanghai, China, for the match because that’s where KUKA works and Boll has been thinking lately that he’d like to check out her place of employment. The match is set for March 11th – a mere 13 days away – and they couldn’t be more excited. The anticipation has certainly heightened their physical relationship in the meantime. Here’s a teaser:

KUKA robot table tennis Timo Boll
UPDATE: Here is the final video

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