Top 10 Tumba Ping Pong Show Videos

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Tumba Ping Pong Show brings you the lighter and more zany side of ping pong. If table tennis got jiggy with the Monty Python’s Flying Circus team, this would be the offspring. And the Uberpong Crew approves! I asked the Tumba Ping Pong Show Team for their favorite videos. After careful thought, here are the top 10 Tumba Ping Pong Show videos as chosen by Little John, DJ Coolman, Mr Sandman, Slightly Mad Max Dr Ders & Jokko-Yxxi:

Tumba Ping Pong Show knives pineapple paddles

1. Miss Ping
Q: What do you get when you cross a Swedish blonde, 3 knives and a pineapple?
A: This viral video:

2. Cucumber In Mouth
One large cucumber protruding from a gentleman’s mouth. One very accurate ping pong player.

3. Yes, We Trash Can
4 trash can lids, a few well planned ricochets and a well placed fork.

4. Ping Pong Strike
A bowling alley. A nice setup. A strike you will never forget!

5. Ping Pong Shot
Just another day, chilling in the kitchen, practicing the trick shot of the century!

6. Pong In One
The Tumba team take to the golf course and prove that ping pong and golf can go together with a masterful hole in one.

7. Great Ball of Fire
Gasoline. A nail in a pole. A Swedish flag. Something that Jerry Lee Lewis could never have predicted!

8. Trainspotting
And you thought Danny Boyle’s movie starring Ewan McGregor was edgy. TRAIN!!

9. Ping Pong Shot Part II
A spinning paddle. An amazing trick shot. Thumbs up.

10. Big Juicy Melons
An exploding watermelon, a pair of chopsticks. Some ping pong dim sum.

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