Topio Ping Pong Playing Robot

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In our quest to bring you all the news about the future of table tennis, gadgets and technology, we came across this awesome product. Making it’s worldwide debut at the Tokyo Robot Exhibition 2007, the TOPIO ping pong playing robot (aka TOSY), is a humanoid robot capable of playing table tennis against a human opponent.

4 high speed cameras and its carbon fiber composite allows it to continuously improve itself while playing. Director of TOSY toys Ho Vinh Hoang comments,
“We wanted to design a robot that can compete with professional players competently, and on the same level. In the future, we want to make robots that can replicate natural human movements and actions, and do things such as throwing a ball or playing football, which can also be used in a variety of practical applications.”

The robot can keep score and unbelievably can express emotions while playing. Look out for the TOPIO shaking its head after losing a point!

Topio ping pong playing robot Tosy toys

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