Uberpong 2012 Review

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Uberpong ping pong paddles mosaic
Welcome to the Uberpong 2012 Review. What a year!
Uberpong started as an Origin of Cool project and moved from London, England to Austin, Texas in February. After doing lots of networking and getting connected to some truly exceptional entrepreneurs in March, April and May, we had a small team in place. Our teaser and early community page was getting a lot of interest. In June, we set up our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels and started planning a Kickstarter campaign. We spoke to a lot of graphic designers, illustrators and artists that we had featured on Origin of Cool and asked them if they wanted their designs to be featured on ping pong paddles. We went with twenty designs for the campaign. We then shot our video with our friends Moth to Flame Films. Kickstarter must have liked our idea because they accepted our project very quickly and we launched in mid-July. Thirty days later we had gone through our $10,000 goal and ended on $10,390. We had some incredible support, messages from ping pong fans around the world saying how much they liked the project and offers of partnerships. By mid-August, we had our first magazine article published in Austin Monthly and had appeared on huge trend hunting sites Springwise and Trendhunter. We realized that this could be a business and decided to go for it! September and October were spent building a website and growing our community. We had our second magazine article published in California Magazine and had been approached by TV news networks and even a big retailer. On 26th November 2012, we launched our online store on Uberpong.com and went into December with our first customers satisfied. At the time of writing, we had just been published on the Austin Chronicle site. The Uberpong team would like to thank everyone who has supported us this year, the Kickstarter backers who had faith in our project and the people who believe in our vision of changing the face of table tennis. In 2013, look out for new and sensational experiences, an Uberpong HQ in Austin for our community and a ping pong paddle that you have never before seen…
Happy New Year!

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