Uberpong Headquarters In Austin, Texas

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The search is on for the new Uberpong headquarters in Austin, Texas. Due to the tremendous success of our Kickstarter campaign, enquiries from people in Austin and the need to bring the Uberpong ping pong community together, we are looking for a work/ping pong space. Here is the criteria of what we are looking for:
– Ideally located in East Austin around E Cesar Chavez/Chicon.
– Enough space to host our über cool events.
– Cool features like spiral staircase/overhangs preferred.
– Parking space.

Can you help? Do you know any real estate people or landlords that can accommodate the future of table tennis?! Does your space look like the image below?! If so, please email us at contact(at)uberpong.com and let’s get the ping pong ball rolling!

Uberpong giant ping pong paddle hotel

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