Uberpong Launches World’s First Ping Pong Design Community

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We have just launched our online store and at the same time, the world’s first ping pong design community. Due to the success of our Kickstarter campaign, we have re-released the best designs and you can see them here:
Every designer gets a % of revenue when their paddle design is purchased so you are not only helping bring some much needed cool to ping pong but also rewarding artists for their great designs. If you are a designer/illustrator/artist and want to be considered for the design community, please send us your portfolio using this link: www.uberpong.com/join-the-design-community/

We would like to thank the following graphic designers, illustrators and artists for their faith in Uberpong from the beginning and joining forces with us for our launch: Jay Bramhall, Nathan Brown, Brent Swart, Maria Warnes, Hannah Adamaszek, Sophie Roach, Charlie Chauvin, Viktor Hertz, Tambolbee Villarino, Gordon Holden, Flynn Prejean, Clint Wilson, Bobby Rosenstock, Richard Koehler, Dave DiAngelis, John Vogl, Sean Mort.

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