Uberpong Launch New York Ping Pong Social Club

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Uberpong are proud to announce the launch of their own ping pong social club. SPüN had its secret launch at its Lower East Side Manhattan venue over the weekend. Set in a disused subway below the streets of New York City, SPüN is the world’s first subterranean table tennis venue.

Bill Murray, Mr. T and Quentin Tarantino were among dozens of celebrities who turned up for the debaucherous night and left with their own custom ping pong paddles by Uberpong. The venue has 10 of the coolest ping pong tables you will ever see including one that hovers in the air, one that is constructed from 3,000 ping pong balls and even one that is invisible! That’s right. Invisible! The centerpiece has been created in a partnership with magician David Blaine and the US military. Founder and CEO of Uberpong David Lowe commented, “We knew that New York needed to raise its cool factor and SPüN seemed to be the perfect solution. The ping pong social club aims to fuse art, celebrities, hipsters and marine life.” In celebration of this launch, Uberpong’s is releasing its newest limited edition designer paddle – NYC Nights by Cy Cyr.

Uberpong ping pong social club New York

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