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At Uberpong HQ, we don’t just create custom ping pong paddles. We have also been working hard to create a resource that benefits the local and global ping pong playing community. Our new ping pong map lets you find ping pong tables that are close to you and then share the location with your friends so you can have an Uberpong Duel! If you happen to find a location that is not already on the map, you can add a pin and let the whole world know about your favorite table tennis spot. The ping pong map has only been live for a short period of time and already has pins for table tennis tables in Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Peru, Denmark, Chile, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, France, the USA and the UK. With your help, we can highlight every table in the world!

Every time you click on a paddle on the ping pong map, it will open a window with more information about that ping pong spot. There are a few tools you can use in the toolbar at the top:

tools icons ping pong map

Arrow icon: this allows you to minimize the window so you can see more of the map.
Plus icon: click on this and you can add your own table location. You can add the table name, address, add the number of tables, describe the spot (include things like drinks specials, opening times and how to get there if it is well hidden), upload an image or link to one online and then leave your information and links if you have your own blog or website.
Magnifying glass icon: Use this to search for your location.
Pin icon: This locates your current location.
World icon: Toggle between street and satellite view.
Magnifying glass minus icon: Zoom out.
Magnifying glass plus icon: Zoom in.
When you are viewing table locations, at the bottom of the window are 3 more icons: Comment, share on Facebook and Tweet.

If you use a smartphone, Uberpong has a mobile responsive site. To save this app as an icon on your home screen, simply go to map.uberpong.com , click on the share button in the toolbar at the foot of the page and then click “Add to Home Screen”. You then have an icon that you can drag wherever you want.

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