Uberpong Rocks KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown

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On Thursday 26th September, Uberpong directed the annual KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown at the new headquarters of Airbnb. And boy, did it rock! Adam Bobrow MC’ed in his distinctive outfit, female table tennis professional Kim Gilbert was partying with us and even MC Hammer put in a cameo appearance giving out the prizes! Ari Franklin ran a tight event with Uberpong Style and a big thank you goes out to Erin O’Neill for not only being a huge help at the event but for also giving us an awesome tour of San Francisco that included a sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The 2013 KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown was described by many as the most successful charity ping pong event ever.

KIPP Airbnb ping pong table

Kim Gilbert custom ping pong paddle Uberpong
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David Lowe Uberpong Adam Bobrow KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown
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Kim Gilbert David Lowe Uberpong event
MC Hammer Uberpong KIPP event
KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown final
We also got a break with a hotel as everywhere was sold out for the Oracle Conference (the fact they won the America’s Cup in the same week was a freak occurrence that ensured some incredible free PR). Hotel Tomo came to the rescue with a room and it just happened to be one of the coolest hotels in San Francisco – a Japanese anime inspired interior and right in the middle of Japantown. What we loved was the fact that Jennifer Good, their sales director, knew we liked Japanese culture and she left a welcome package of Japanese snacks and a card. Now that is how you impress people with great customer service!Needless to say, being in Japantown, the Japanese food was authentic and some of the best we’ve tasted in the US. The KIPP event was a huge success and it was our biggest so far. See all of the photos on our Facebook Page.

Hotel Tomo Japanese anime beds

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