Uberpong Website Is The New Home Of Social Ping Pong

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Today, we officially launch the new Uberpong.com as the new home of social ping pong. What’s new on the website? Here’s what we’ve added for you:

1). We’ve added the new Uberpong online custom ping pong paddle editor. This allows you to add your Facebook and Instagram photos onto a paddle, hit approve and then have your creation magically sent to you by our Uber elves! You can create paddles for your whole family, you and your opponent or just yourself if you fancy a Forrest Gump solo session! Whether you want to use this as a conversation starter, buy Uberpong ping pong paddles as gifts or have your company logo on them, they are sure to get people asking you, “where did you get that kickass paddle?!”

custom ping pong paddle editor Uberpong

2). We’ve teamed up with the world’s best graphic designers to bring you 6 Limited Edition Uberpong designer paddles. Check out our designers and join our community here.

ice cream limited edition ping pong paddle
3). Our new and improved blog is devoted to bringing you social ping pong news and highlighting how the world is embracing table tennis. Want to be a guest writer? Email info@uberpong.com and we’ll let you show your article to the world!

field crazy table tennis table

4). Don’t know where to play ping pong in your local area or traveling around the world and want to find your nearest ping pong table? Use the Uberpong ping pong map to find a spot. You can also add your own pins to tell the rest of the world where to play!

social ping pong map Uberpong pins

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