Uberponger Profiles: Alexandre Lefaure

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In a new series called “Uberponger Profiles“, we kick things off with one of our first Austin community members. Alexandre (Alex) Lefaure was at the very first Uberpong social ping pong night at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar in Austin back in 2012. His penhold style stood out from a lot of the players and he was featured in our Kickstarter video and photo shoot. In his own words, here is Alex’s piece:

“I’ve been playing ping pong ever since I was six years old. My father bought a mini table to play in our small apartment in Paris, and soon enough, I was enthralled by the game. I never actually played table tennis in club or competition, especially since I already played basketball at regional and national level. But when growing up in France, you get exposed to a decent amount of it.

I used to play a lot in school during physical education class, and spent whole summers playing outside in public parks against countless different opponents. My enthusiasm for the sport grew even bigger when Jean Philippe Gatien won the world championship for France, back in 93′. One of my father’s best friends was from Cambodia, and an expert “penhold” player (also known as “Chinese” or “Asian” grip). I loved his style, and the way it would offset his opponents, so I adopted it, and still use it to this day.

It wasn’t until I moved to the U.S that I started playing “competitively” in social ping pong leagues and small venues, in which I found myself quite successful, and met tons of talented and fun players such as David Lowe, and his crazy project to blend serious table tennis with good old fashioned ping pong. And that is exactly what Uberpong does; work with serious players, including professionals, while still promoting the game in new innovative and artistic ways. With social events such as “The Red and Black Rebellion”, and “Uberpongbat”, they’ve really reinvented the game I love, bringing all factions together from serious ranked table tennis players to fun loving bar/garage pong players…and everyone in between.”

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