University of Texas Golf Team Embraces Ping Pong

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“There’s an uncanny similarity between being in a tight game at the end of a ping pong match and being on the 18th hole,” says the University of Texas Golf Team coach Ryan Murphy. In a move to find a way for his golfers to unleash their competitiveness outside of golf, Head Coach John Fields installed a ping pong table in the Longhorn men’s golf team locker room in 2005. The players noticed an immediate effect and spent hours on YouTube studying the ways of some of the famous Chinese professional table tennis players. “The serve in ping pong is just as paramount to a table tennis player’s game as a drive in a golf player’s game is.” Murphy says. The competitive edge worked, as the Longhorns were NCAA National Champions in 2012, defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide, who they coincidentally beat in a ping pong match at the hotel days before.
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University of Texas golf team ping pong

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