University Ping Pong Project Transforms Public Spaces

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This is a guest post by Sara Hammond discussing her ping pong project at her London university:

The focus of my major project is on the transformation of lost public space into active space through the fundamental aspects of visual communication: type and image. A user-centered, functional installation that aims to bring the postgraduate community together at LCC (London College of Communication). With depression, isolation and suicide being hallmarks of the modern condition, universities all over the UK should be budgeting for active, positive spaces that contribute to the overall wellbeing of their students and staff. This is what my project seeks to do. After reading up on the health benefits of ping pong, I wanted to combine both the effect of color and active sport in one mobile interactive installation that in turn would contribute to the overall well being of students. With the installation being mobile I could place the table in different areas around the universities that would initiate cross-disciplinary collaboration in inactive spaces around the university. I have had interest from the University of the Arts to commission me to create more tables for all eight campuses around London. With there interest there will hopefully be more ping pong and color in London!

Can design change the world? Maybe we should change the question to “can design change people’s lives?”

custom ping pong table work

table tennis table underside legs

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