The Voice Of Table Tennis 2.0

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The face of Uberpong, Adam Bobrow, has now become “The Voice of Table Tennis 2.0” after winning a worldwide competition. Only 3 years ago, Adam had commentated his first official match at the NCTTA Collegiate National Championships in the US and noticed there was a competition called “The Voice of Table Tennis.” Having done lots of voice over work, MCing and stand up comedy, he thought it could be a fun and exciting opportunity so he submitted an audition. He was chosen to be one of the final five, but was not chosen as one of the two winners.

Bobrow Bites Back

In 2014, around March, Bobrow saw “The Voice of Table Tennis 2.0” and thought, “I’ve had a bit more experience now and I could not only win a trip to Japan which would be awesome but I could get to see my first World Championships LIVE!” So, he stayed up all night recording commentary for the game that the ITTF had selected as the game to audition with. After five hours of recording to really give it his best shot, he sent it to his friend, David Del Vecchio who runs with him. He offered him some extremely useful constructive criticism and he felt he had to re-record his audition. So he stayed up again the next night until 8:30AM recording and sent in his audition.

The Voice of Table Tennis 2.0

Adam found out that he was chosen as one of the three finalists and knew that it came down to a public vote. Even though he was in Costa Rica on a family vacation, he stopped what he was doing and made sure to check his computer and spread the word so people would vote. After learning how many hours professional commentators put into doing research for a single game of basketball he was afraid that he would be under-prepared. The result came in. The vote went in his favor! Watch Adam in action on the video below:

Adam Bobrow voice of table tennis

Original interview on TTImpossible

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