Wally Green Releases First Hip Hop Ping Pong Song

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When we talk about “Uberpong Style” we are referring to people who dare to challenge the norm in table tennis, people who have flare and of course people who stand out. Wally Green possesses all three of these criteria and following his release of the worlds first hip hop song about ping pong, we thought this would be the right time to introduce him to the Uberpong community!

The single is called A Game Nobody Knows (Ping Pong Song) Wally Green & Ahyah and incorporates Wally’s epic hairstyle, fashion, great taste in sneakers and a mean table tennis style. Wally has represented the US in over 40 international competitions, worked with Rockstar Games to create the first real life table tennis video game for the X-Box 360 and worked with The NBA. In his words, “Never thought I would be making money from ping pong!”

Wally Green custom ping pong paddle

Wally Green crazy hairstyle table tennis pro

[image: Torontoist]

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