Will Shortz Plays Ping Pong In The Last Frontier

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Will Shortz is the New York Times crossword puzzle editor, as well as NPR’s puzzle master. He is also a table tennis fanatic, having been to over 150 table tennis venues, both nationally and internationally, and even opened up his own table tennis club, the Westchester Table Tennis Club, so that he could play ping from the comforts of his own home. It’s the largest table tennis club in the country, with 18 tables! He even played against famed comedian Colin Quinn!

He recently took to Alaska to play, making the state the 40th in the United States that he’s played ping pong in. He has played in seven different venues, and played a few different games that require ping pong balls, like Eggsactly, (see the Vine video in the post) a game that uses wood panels and egg cartons, along with the normal ping pong balls.

With all of Shortz’s ping pong obsession, do you think a New York Times crossword puzzle would make for an interesting custom ping pong paddle by Uberpong?

Will Shortz Westchester table tennis club

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